Surviving Godzilla

Join me on this roller-coaster ride I call my life as I try to find my own niche in the world.

Idk I just bang the shit out of the tv and pray to god I didn’t wake you up.

—Crystal Bueno on being a night owl

-Yeah your quite small.
-Hey! I’m normal size.
-Even your toes are small.
- You mean normal size toes

—Crystal Bueno and Katie Tmetchul on being small

There can be beauty in getting lost. Sometimes we have to get lost to find each other and sometimes we find each other, only to get lost all over again. We can’t always control it, the thing that’s going to set you adrift. And as you stand there on your front porch staring at the life you are about to leave behind, you have to accept it’s gone, it’s lost. Just like you. All you can do now is stand very still, breathe in the moment and try to be open to wherever the wind’s going to take you next.

— Meredith Grey (Season11, Ep. 1-I Must Have Lost It on the Wind)

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